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Focus on post-EIA

On Monday 5 March, an Extraordinary General Meeting of the European Information Association confirmed that the EIA will be dissolved by the end of this year.

The meeting also decided that steps should be taken to explore the possibility of establishing some new group to continue the sharing of experience and expertise that the Association has provided over the last two decades.

As a first step, the Association’s Eurotalk discussion list is to be opened up to anyone willing to share their experience and expertise in handling EU information and/or who is seeking help with EU-related materials, websites etc.

The move is intended to provide a forum not only for discussing EU information issues, but also to gauge the level of interest in setting up some new group and what form it might take.

To join Eurotalk, please visit the JISCmail Eurotalk page and choose the ‘Subscribe or Unsubscribe’ option.

EGM Minutes now available in the Members Area.

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